Faye Serie von zeitlosem Stil und handgefertigte Qualität
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This exclusive Faye series is timeless, flawless and iconic collection, created with unique lace that is produced by ESCORA, and never goes out of fashion. ESCORA has always been setting a trend in lingerie industry, and this luxurious design is not an exception. Becoming vintage with time, this design opens another dimension of style and class to the already extremely luxurious creations.

Collection, with its time-honoured charisma, has many surprisingly sensational elements. For example, mixing scandalous ouvert details that invite and excite, and at the same time keeping quality and luxurious twists. Pleated ruffles, ribbons, intense embroidery and black fabrics lead the thoughts to Victorian period. Explore a magical lingerie adventure and allow yourself romance, highest quality and sensual expression.

Faye Slips

FAYE Slips
€ 80,00

Faye Magic Strings

FAYE Magic Strings
€ 89,00

Faye Strings

FAYE Strings
€ 69,00

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