We look at the latest trends from the lingerie fair in Paris in 2017
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The latest trends directly from Paris! - Daring lace and visible bras

The latest trends directly from Paris! - Daring lace and visible bras

It is important for us to follow everything new and exciting in lingerie world, so we can offer you best of the best in our selection. Therefore, we participate in various trade fairs around the world. This weekend we have been a part of Salon International de la Lingerie in Paris. Returned home full of inspiration, we would like to share our knowledge of the latest trends and tendencies with you.

What is Salon International de la Lingerie in Paris?

Salon International de la Lingerie, also called SIL, brings together different brands within lingerie business, where brands, manufactures, distributors and retailers can meet and match each other. The entire 480 brands from 37 countries were exhibiting at the fair this year. SIL is a forum where people in the lingerie world meet and exchange ideas and new trends. During three days that the fair lasts, lingerie community have a great opportunity to get together and discuss, develop and discover.

Escora F/W 2017 Collection

What are the new trends?

Trends in lingerie reflect what women want and how women vision develops. The latest trends that were presented at the fair this year reflect the modern woman as she is in interpretation of the modern West. It is she who dictates today's latest tendencies.

The modern woman is full of contrasts. She is sophisticated. She is more daring - also when she seduces. She wants to be beautiful and invincible. To make your lingerie and not hide it under the clothing has become a sophisticated, elegant and sexy way of wearing it. Lingerie has become a new art form - the art of mass seduction.

Woman is passionate – strong, yet feminine and gracious. Lingerie reflects this by daring silhouettes and delicate materials.

Modern woman has become more deliberate as consumer. Instead of shopping a lot and cheap, she is more into timeless quality pieces that can update her wardrobe. That way, she can also create her own style with quality pieces that are different. It is fashionable to buy a piece of lingerie, which is unique, or the one that girlfriend does not have.

Modern woman cultivates her wardrobe like her garden and home. She knows how to mix different textures, colours and collectables, so they can create a new content, history and angle. Lingerie must be showy!

Lingerie as outwear - is the new black. Lingerie is the part of wardrobe, which have to be shown. Visible bras, corsetsbustier and teddies can now be part of an office or party outfit. A seductive piece of lingerie emphasizes the modern woman's need for everyday satisfaction and indulgence.

What did we see?

Strolling between the boosts at the fair it was very clear to see the upcoming trends - lavish lace, intense colours, seductive straps, fascinating floral patterns mixed with daring styles, sometimes scandalous silhouettes, oozing raw sexiness and sensuality, are here to stay.

Opulent lace, eyelash lace and lace with gold and silver threads are just some of the new trends in the coming seasons. The beautiful tattoo-style continues, but now with fabulous colourful and vibrant embroideries in decorative intricate patterns.

We simply did not see a stand without flower prints, juicy colours or eye-catching ornamental details. Beautiful body accessories such as chains and masks are very much ‘on the go’.

Escora masks
Spring/summer season is bursting with colours, combination of feminine pastel shades and stronger tones, including luscious pink, berry and peach. While the autumn/winter season is expressed with more mysterious, calm and deep tones, as well as shimmering gold and silver, including shades of blue, violet, midnight purple and deep green. The colours reflect a sense of modernity and well-being.

All this suggests that lingerie again has become a feminine accessory and not just underwear in black, white and nude. Now lingerie is an important part of the wardrobe, and something that has to be luxurious and exclusive, made of the best materials, just as the rest of your wardrobe. Lingerie has become a fashionable, just as shoes or bags. As it now must be visible - lingerie is statement-item that tells a lot about your personality.

At the fair, we of course used a lot of time talking with the different brands. As always, we were very happy to meet with one of our partners, Birgit Rieker, which represent luxurious, sensual and modern lingerie brand – ESCORA, the worldwide known brand, which is an important part of the fair in Paris, as it’s a one of trend-setter in the industry. Before presenting the new collection, Ms.Birgit promised that we can expect to see an "exciting, extravagant creations that will inspire the imagination and give feminine curves an irresistible effect ". Big words, but they fully lived up to the promise.

Birgit Rieker, director and owner of ESCORA, talked about the latest tendencies and directions the lingerie fashion will be moving in, and ESCORA’s new collections and inspiration behind all this.

Escora director Ms. Birgit RiekerDirector and owner Ms. Birgit Rieker is preparing for a busy day at the fair

As always, new styles adorned with spectacular and extravagant details that make their lingerie for unique and extraordinary!

"Besides being beautiful and tempting, all models are created to satisfy customer needs in both comfort and fit" said Birgit Rieker. Therefore in new collections we will see even more ways to adjust their lingerie pieces in order to create impeccable fit, no matter what body type you have.

It’s the prominent design, attention to detail and luxurious materials, focus on comfort and fit combined with the statement "less is more” that makes ESCORA to distinguish themselves from other brands. With dedication, brand creates seductive masterpieces in the form of luxurious lingerie that emphasizes modern woman's sex appeal.

Each year ESCORA design several limited edition collections, which are different by being a bit more ‘extra’ in everything. They express ESCORA’s superior strengths in design and quality, and their desire to create unique and luxurious lingerie for precious and loyal followers. These styles are almost collectable pieces that are a ‘must-have’ for the genuine lingerie fetishists. The models are created as an extraordinary experience for the lucky few. These are priceless lingerie experiences one should not hesitate to get your hands on!

Escora model images
Creating lingerie for more than 150 years, ESCORA become an expert in creating fabulous intimate pieces to decorate your body with and which you definitely don’t want to hide. As well as modern woman, ESCORA has another side of femininity - more sensual and mysterious line with tantalizing transparency, sexy straps and tempting openings that complement the versatile woman of today.

“With the new collection we emphasize satisfaction and well-being every woman needs in everyday life” says Birgit Rieker. With unique and beautiful lace patterns and delicate materials combined with intriguing ouvert openings, ESCORA express the complexity and essence of sensuality the modern woman possesses.

Alina Chlebecek - Escora modelEscora's beautiful model Alina Chlebecek is presenting some of news from the F/W 2017 collection

The new season already started at the House of Lingerie, and we are constantly expanding our product range with the latest trends and styles. So it is always interesting and important for us to attend lingerie exhibitions, and we always return home full of impressions and ideas. We follow our vision to give you the most beautiful, luxurious and elegant lingerie of top quality from brands that are special and excusive. We are here to satisfy you, our customers, with new and fashion lingerie of the best quality.

With a constantly growing style range, which we will continue to expand by exploring the world of lingerie, we invite you to join us in our beautiful and exciting lingerie universe.

We hope that you feel as much inspired as us!

Love, House of Lingerie





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