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5 things I hate about him

5 things I hate about him

No. 1. Dirty socks under the sofa and empty toilet rolls:

If there is one thing men are "good" at is not to remember to clean up. I'm sure many women out there once in a while (practically on daily basis) have to pick up from the floor dirty clothes, used cups or plates or replace empty toilet rolls after her bellowed one! And it does not matter how many times you ask him to put his sour tennis socks into the washing bin when he gets up from the couch - they're still there right there, on the floor! Or the coffee cup that he apparently believes can wash itself magically and can stand for hours on the table, where he left it.

And of course, not to end up in a role of his mother saying all the time "Clean up after you!" every single day, it’s easier for many of us just to close our eyes on those little memory losses or occasional deafness. So, let it be! But dammit it’s irritating!

No. 2 – He did not listen and complaining that I did not tell him:

Men are good at pretending to listen. And yes, sometimes we may talk too much about everything that's probably not so important. But it's annoying when they do not listen also when it’s important!

Do you know this scenario: You've just told him about something you should do at some point, drive somewhere, go to a party or visit your parents, and he nodded and said "Yeah, Ok". And now you are standing at the door on the way out and here it comes "What? You have never told me anything about that!"? Do I need to say more…?5 things i hate about him

Nr.3 - He is saying stupid jokes when we're out

There is nothing worse than being out with a man who is not entirely aware of how he should behave. Perhaps he acts childishly, or fires inappropriate jokes. Some things are just OK at home. But when you're out, it's just an absolute no go!

For example, have you tried to be in a situation where the hero of your life (obviously, in the best sense) tries to loosen the tone with bad jokes or completely inappropriate comments? There are probably many women out there who have tried to stand with curved toes and rescue an awkward situation with a charming smile and a feminine laughter!

No.4 - He is cheap!

Do you also hear that men are cheap? There is no one saying that women should drown in presents - but should all my birthday presents be bought with discount? Have you ever tried to go shopping with a man who simply must make a good deal and haggle about the price? It's terribly embarrassing! There is a reason why there is a price tag!

Do you also hear the sentence: "If I am buying it now, then I'll need something extra on top of it!" or "You have to give me some discount here!". It can be so terribly embarrassing to stand silent next to the man who will no matter what complain about the price to get a tie to his new shirt for free or a DVD movie with the new TV, which by the way was already on discount!

Mothers boy

No. 5. He is (still) mother's boy:

OH NO! There is nothing worse than men who change appearance when they see or simply mention their Mother! Men who stick with their mothers instead of their women no matter what are terribly provocative!

Even worse, it's always bad to be with mother-in-law who always wants things done her way, not yours no matter what. And on top of that, the love of your life apparently always taking side of his mother, when you are there on visit!

Have you ever been in the situation where you were deeply disagreeing with your (future) mother-in-law and expecting a little bit of support from him, but instead not to hurt his mother’s feelings, he take the side against you? Yes, been there done that! But what would we do as mothers in the same situation, probably also want our sons to back us up no matter what? Yes, we would!

Are there more things that you love to hate about your man? Please feel free to add anything you want to this list. We hope you have as much fun as us reading this.

Love, House of Lingerie

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