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Brave Bikini Season

Brave Bikini Season

We bet you know this one:

The summer is breezing across Europe with its generous heat degrees that makes families flock around outdoor grilling and beach guests that travel to warm beaches.

You have – along with other brave women – dared to go on the most dangerous journey this summer – the place where sea, sand and sky high expectations meet in a fateful moment: the bathing season. With elevated dignity you throw your beach bag over the shoulder and corrects your summer dress, knowing that in a few seconds you will show the other holiday happy beach guests your softest spot – your winter colored body.

Is it the sun - or do you slowly begin to sweat because you know, it is inevitable? I wish I didn’t eat that grill sausage last night! Why did we go to the harbor and have ice-cream?! With rising frustration you throw your towel and flip-flops in the sand and face your fear.

Before you thousands of women in bikini lounges in rows like tanned supermodels. Oh. Doesn’t it look like they are turning their faces towards you, to see your cherry red face glow with embarrassment? Suddenly the bikini hugs all the wrong places and you want to hide yourself under a picnic blanket.

A survey from YouGov shows that you are not alone on that beach experience. Actually more than 30% of youth between 18-29 don’t want to showcase their bodies in beachwear in summer – and one in five have completely cut out their trip to the beach to avoid the awkward bikini body séance. In an article from MetroXpress, Leader of Center for Youth Studies, Søren Østergaard, explains how modesty and shyness derives from the thought that the ‘perfect has become the standard’.

Instead of celebrating our differences and finding bathing suits and bikinis that complement our bodies and makes us feel great about ourselves, we choose tightfitting styles that limit our freedom and confidence.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. And it is neither models or scientists who can lead this rebellion against the bikini season’s feared demands: Because the balance of bikini wear is in your hands. And we want to help you!

In House of Lingerie our top priority is making women feel beautiful, stylish, sexy and confident. It is not easy, because we know all about harsh criticism and hard words spilled at your reflection. But we love your silhouette no matter what size you wear. Are you ready to love your bikini body? Then read on!

Beachwear Guide to Bikini Babes

Forget about the little bikini this summer and prepare to meet high panties, retro styles and sexy bathing suits that fit all body shapes.

The summer style 2016 offers multiple trends for the beach trip:

  • Sexy Lines

Embellish your body with beautiful lines across your shoulders and waist that frames your figure with a luxurious hourglass shape. Get the style with the sexy Baywatch-collection that has three stringed and elegant cross back, which fits perfectly for an exclusive Saint Tropez holiday.

You can also follow the edgy summer vibe with metal chains from the Key West-series, which has a trendy fashion effect for the beach trip. Are they looking at your belly? Nope – they are looking at the fancy army golden chains that adorns your hips.

  • Minimalistic Elegance

Follow the timeless classic style with beautiful black, white and beige tones in a clean design. The season is filled with understated elegance that appears luxuriously and simple. An absolute minimalism-trend that arouses envy in any swimming pool.

Try the exclusive Renate-collection, designed by the Dutch actress Renate Gerschtanowitz – or the lovely Spanish Candy and Mare-collection in a seamless design. The soft microfiber materials fits comfortably on your body without tightening – and bathing suits are all the hype this summer.

Combine with a tunique or Capri bathing robe in a soft fabric that creates emphasis on your waist and protects your skin against the sun.

  • Glowing Prints

Set your July free like a thousand colorful butterflies with the exquisite exotic prints and color blocking chicness that dominates the beach look for second year in a row. The clear neon colors and mixed patterns provide an upbeat feel – see the Aloha-collection’s glowing designs in orange and red nuances or pink and yellow tones.

Animal print never goes out of fashion – and now you can embellish yourself with beautiful snakeskin print and wild leopard spots that makes the skin glow with warmth. Several styles have seamless edges and wide bra bridges that fits comfortably and smooths out your silhouette in a fashionable manner. Feeling inspired? Check out Koko, Miami Beach, Fortaleza, Bonita and the Leopard-collection that all competes in radiance with tropical drinks and turquoise waves.

Combine with a colorful tunique or beach dress from the Fortaleza and Koko-series for the ultimate beach statement.

  • Retro Style

Chic Style, Darling! Inspired by pin-up postures and feminine shapes, we celebrate the lovely female body this summer with true retro style. The beautiful olive and aqua-colored tones fit perfectly with a dashing 1950’s beauty, complete with a sexy bandeau and halterneck-cut, that sets focus on your cleavage with a tongue in cheek-feel.

Bathing suit or bikini – it’s up to you! The sweet Riviera-collections have lamella embellished draping that hugs your curves with a cute style that draws attention to your overall figure. Also check out the Laguna-series with beautiful olive lacing that shimmers goldenly in sunlight. A classic silhouette with modern style elements that suits a lovely diva body.

No matter if you want to jump up into full bikini blossom or if you prefer the shade of the parasol, know that you are beautiful as you are – and in real life, a bikini body only needs you to feel amazing about it. Because it deserves that.

See more beachwear styles here and get ready to take over the beach with confidence and style!


House of Lingerie

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