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Deliciously shaped curves that gives you a flat stomach area and a minimal waist? What you are looking for is a waist cincher. Waist cinchers are a combination of shapewear and corsets, specifically designed to tighten waist lines and thereby give you a fantastic diva figure.

Whispering Whites Lace Waist Cincher

Whispering Whites Lace Waist Cincher
€ 63.00


€ 67.00

Our elegant waist cinchers from Coquette are sewn in raschel lacing with stretch and beautiful center back lace, complete with boning, elasticized waist and garterstraps in stylish colors.

Made to create an impressive silhouette – specifically for dresses that demands a certain wow-effect. Truly perfect for the bride who wishes for a slim waist underneath the beautiful wedding dress.

Sizes S & L.

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