Feel sexy every day – 15 Good Ideas for Casual Sexy
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Feel sexy every day

Feel sexy every day

 The alarm clock always rings before it is supposed to – and suddenly you are on your way out of the door with a whole-wheat bun in your hand and your bag rapidly draped over your shoulder. As you stand in the flickering morning light on the train, you look down at yourself and your chosen style of the day and sigh wearingly. The day lacks hours for all your projects – and at the end of the day, the family will demand its time in the sun.

It is difficult to make time for self-indulgence – and feeling sexy in the worn-out panties from the deep end of your drawer. You sigh as you open one magazine after the other with lace lingerie to die for and confident smiling women, radiating happiness. How do you do that?! – You want to yell at the glossy pages.

Did your Thursdays convert into marathon-Mondays – and did your dirty dishes eat your sense of spontaneity? Read on! We give you 15 good ideas for feeling sexier in the everyday – completely without stress:


15 Good Ideas for Casual Sexy


Make something of yourself – for yourself

Get in contact with your self-confidence – it is never too late. Every time you choose to take care of your body, doing that little extra during your day, or indulging in a nice hot cup of tea with honey and putting on your favorite nail polish – you help yourself feeling better in your skin.

Try something new!

Every time you try something new, you inspire yourself into thinking differently. Whether it is a new jogging track, a new style – or a new holiday destination you never dared to travel to before –do it! Live in the here and now and embrace your new impulsive you who dares to live out your dreams. Try to challenge your habits with new exciting looks you have not tried before. Who says soft red lips are not for everyday?

Treat your body

Have a nice warm bath and massage your body with a good body lotion. When you caress your feet, you increase the blood stream circulation in your muscles, causing your body to relax and lower your blood pressure. A perfect little pampering in 10 minutes that makes you beam for the rest of the day with a sexy glow.

Dress to Impress

Pull up a seducing pair of stockings and choose feminine styles that emphasizes your great curves – and enjoy your figure! Whether your secret weapon is lusciously long hair, a slim silhouette or beautiful curves, you give yourself a boost when you emphasize your beauty. And who doesn’t love compliments? Become inspired by the stylish Belveris-collection of dashing stockings with hints of sensual seductress – or maybe the combined stockings with built-in garter belt. Remember to spray yourself with a little of your favorite perfume!

Let your imagination run free

Read an arousing novel on the train on your way home. It feels a little bit forbidden – and a little bit delightful – as you feed your thoughts with delicious fantasies. Who knows – maybe they will come true? Do not be afraid of setting expectations for intimacy and sex – you are not the only one who will enjoy the stories.

Buy lovely lingerie

Now it is your turn to shine with confidence! Find a set of lingerie that fits your style and embellish your body with fine lacing, beautiful lines and soft tones. When you feel good, you shine like a million bucks – and that shows. Try our lovely everyday lingerie Roksana in black with chic paisley lacing – or the elegant Estera in this season’s soft blue colors.

Dance and flirt

Let your senses do the talking – and dance slowly with a man. Sensual and intimate – and romantic right out to your fingertips. As you look him in the eyes and flirt, your body releases pheromones and the sexual hormones estrogen and testosterone that automatically makes you feel more sexy and feminine.

Sexy bedhead

Do you have a calm weekend? Enjoy the quiet morning hours with a lovely calm atmosphere and close intimacy. Let the hair stay the way it is – free and wild! Show your natural mane with pride and feel the sensual freedom of being untamed.

Clean up your lingerie drawers

Throw out your old granny-panties! You are in a sex-me-up process that demands its victims – and worn-out panties and torn lacing are first to go. Replace them with soft, well-fitted panties in nice designs – the sexier the better. See our trendy Fantasi-collection in nude with black or red trim – or the classic Sybila in beautiful cream colors, both with a large selection of different panties to choose from.

Put flavor on your everyday

Take time to go on a culinary adventure and pick delicious ingredients for your dinner. Sweet peas, fresh cucumbers, sour cherry tomatoes and crispy asparagus are bulging in tasty baskets at your local grocery in summer! Taste the food together as you cook – it stimulates your palettes and brings you closer together.

Feel your body

Workout, sweat and train your body. Nature’s own endorphins ensure a steady smile on your lips – and the warmup of your muscles will give you strength and confidence – outside the fitness center too. It does not have to be a quick visit to the treadmill – try yoga, which gives you a greater body awareness and makes you break a sweat without the fast heart rate.

Irresistible in Loungewear

Let the jogging pants stay in the closet for the next couple of days – and lounge instead in a soft morning robe after a relaxing bath. There is nothing as comfortable as cottonsoft luxury after a shower – and there is nothing as sexy as a woman only wearing her bathrobe. Let him long for you as you curl up on the couch, wearing nothing but your light attire. Try our soft Capri bathrobes in beige or black with luxurious undertones.

Girls Night Out!

Get ready for a girls night out in town in your best outfit. If you want extra admiration, you can easily add a nice plunge or push up brathat provides you with a gorgeous cleavage – or you can play with dashing animal prints from Sapph’s Go Wild-collection that shines in the city’s neon lights. Spend time putting on a great makeup, doing your hair and toasting for your fabulousness! You probably know this – but you get a lot more confidence when you hang out with your ladies – no matter where you are and what you planned.

Perky Perks

Try a non-padded bra the next time you shop lingerie. The fine soft tulle faintly reveals your intimate zones and makes you look completely and irresistibly sexy. Are you ready to feel sexy from the inside to the outside? Try the summersweet non-padded Gabriella in strawberry sorbet colors, or the fiery Baire in hot black and red with a seductive pepita-checked pattern.

Sweet & Sexy Dreams

Sleep in lusciously soft nightdresses and long evening negligees that feels like silk against your skin. Save the faded T-Shirt for your next painting project and spoil yourself with pretty babydolls, chemises and sweet nightdresses. Become inspired by the glamourous boudoir style, e.g. with a negligee in flowy tulle with a low back cut and strapped back from Coquette. The feeling of the light tulle fabric and beautiful lacing makes you wake up with a smile on your lips – and a sexy confidence no doubt! See our selection of admirable nightwear here.

It is the little things in your everyday life, which gives you your inner spark. Trust your intuition and let the senses speak for you. Enjoy it – and enjoy your beautiful body!

Love, House of Lingerie


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