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Too many women buy the wrong sizes when buying lingerie. In particular bra is problematic - a conservative estimate is that approximately 50% of women use the wrong bra size, and it is sin. The benefits of choosing the right sizes namely to discern: You will get a nicer shape, your clothes will sit better, you will have a beautiful bosom and it will feel more comfortable to wear. On this page you fiinde everything you need to find your correct size. Enjoy!


Quick guide to choosing the right size

  1. Measure your body (see drawing below "how do you measure yourself"). Then expand your cup size.
  2. Find the products you want to buy
  3. IMPORTANT! Click on the link size guide to the right of size drop-down. Size guide is specific to the brand / product you have selected.
  4. Find your size (choose the circumference and cup size that is closest to your measurements).
  5. Choose your size and buy the product.


How to measure yourself

Stand up straight and relax the body when you want to measure. Use a tape measure. Get a girlfriend or your boyfriend to help - so it will be more accurate. Here are the four most important things you should measure when you buy lingerie:

1. Cup size in cm

Start with your waist measurement. Measure your circumference horizontally around your breasts and back, at the point where your breasts are greatest (see drawing). Do not measure too tight or too loose.

2. Chestmeasurement in cm (circumference under the bust)

Then measure your circumference horizontally around your chest (see drawing). It is important that you measure just below the breasts. Here you may tight little when you measure.

3. Waist circumference in cm

You should measure your circumference encircling the waist and your lower back. It is important that you measure waist narrowest point. The tape measure should be fairly loose - it can not gnaw into the skin.

4. Hip measurement in cm

Measure your circumference encircling the hips and your buttocks. You must measure where your hip and buttocks domination. Again, the tape be quite loose.

How to find a bra that fits

To find the right bra size you need your bust and your brystkassemål (see "how do you measure yourself").

How to find your bra size

Once you have your chest size it is easy to find your bra size. Just always remember selecting the bra size that is closest to your brystkassemål when you buy. Is your chest size ex. 74 cm, then your bra size 75 Is your chest size 78 cm, so choose bra size 80.

The right bra size is important. It is the piece around the chest to keep your breasts in place, so it may not be too loose or too tight. Remember that the flat piece should sit firmly at your side. The bra should hand as described in the outermost hook - bra expands over time, so you should be able to tighten it.

To find your cup size

Cup size minus brystkassemål = cup size. It is that simple. Again, remember to select the cup size that is closest to your goal when you buy. Is your cup size 14.5 cm, then you should choose a B cup. Is your cup size 17.7 cm, then you should choose a D-cup.

Cup Sizes

A = 12 cm
B = 14 cm
C =16 cm
D = 18 cm
E = 20 cm
F = 22 cm
G = 24 cm
H = 26 cm
I = 28 cm
J = 30 cm
K = 32 cm

It is important that marries the chest all the way around without it sits and squeezes when assessing cup size. The dish must encapsulate the entire breast - the substance should not be too loose and the breasts should not "tip out" of the bra. Often daily breast pain due to the dish is too small.

To adjust the straps

Once you've got your new bra, so it's simply adjusting the straps. They must be adjusted so that the final support for your bosom lies on the shoulders. But it is important that you do not tighten them too much, they will fester.

How to do the right and left breast is not equal

No breasts are just great! Studies have shown that it is not normal for women to have equal breasts. Most often it is left breast slightly larger than the right. Here are two tricks if you're bothered by that your breasts are not equal:

  1. You can use various posts in the dishes
  2. You can use push-up bras - here you can remove the pad in one of the cups.

To check whether your bra fits loosely.

  1. Bend forward when taking your bra on. Your breasts will fall naturally into place in bowls
  2. Place your breasts so the nipple is in the center of the bowl while you are with your hands helps the breasts proper place in the bowls
  3. Check that the bowls embraces the entire breast - without the bulge at the top or in sides
  4. Check that the center piece fit in the sternum (there must be no air), and the bowls are not loose and wrinkled
  5. Check that the straps do not gnaw on the shoulders and the back piece is horizontal.


Examples of your bra does not fit for you

The chest "pouring out" either on the side or over the bowl edge Bowl size is too small.
You must select a larger bowl.

You must correct the bra several times a day because it creeps up Your bra is too large in the periphery.
You must select a smaller bra size.

The brackets sticking facing front or under the arms
Your bra size is too large and / or your cup size is too small. Choose a smaller bra size and / or a larger bowl..

The straps rodent shoulders
Your bra size is too large and / or your straps are tightened too much. Choose a smaller bra size and / or adjust your straps..

The bowls are too loose or wrinkles
Your cup size is too large and / or you selected the wrong fit. Choose a small bowl and / or other fit

The back is curved up the spine
Your bra size is too large. Choose a smaller bra size.

The bra generates under the breasts
Your bra size is too large. Choose a smaller bra size.

The bra sets brands under the breasts
Your bra size is too small. Select a larger bra size.


Finding the right panty sizee

It is much easier to find the right panty size than bra size. Find your waist and your hip circumference (see 'how to measure yourself "). You must use the two goals when buying panties and a variety of other products. Here are a few tips on what you should think about when shopping for panties:

You have an hourglass figure

Slim waist, well-proportioned shoulders and hips of the same width as the shoulders. You can boost your slim midriff, select shapewear, a g-string or a thong panty

You are H-shaped

Shoulders, hips and waist have more or less the same width. Choose a thong to extend the thighs and avoid horizontal lines.

You have an inverted pyramid shape

Sporty type with broad shoulders and narrow hips. Select shorty with lace or tangatrusse to compensate for the narrow hips. Preferably with horizontal stripes.

You are pyramidal

Narrow shoulders leading into wider hips. Try an Italian briefs, which sits high on the hips, eg with lace.