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Lingerie encyclopedia

Nowdays, we have lingerie for all female forms and shapes and with a lot of great features. Therefore, it is also easy to purchase something wrong. If you are not a walking lingerie encyclopedia, you'll love our lingerie glossary. Here you get an easy overview when to use what.


Different types of Bras


Balconette bra: Works as an underwired bra, but is good for broad and deep cleavage

Balconette bra is an underwired bra, but with a ¾ cup. Make your breasts to look beautiful (it provides an easy push-up effect), while you do not get a sore neck and back. The shoulder straps are sitting almost at the edge of the shoulder - it makes it suitable for dresses and tops with wide and/or deep cleavage.


Underwired Bra: Reduces strain on your back and give your breasts a beautiful shape

An underwired bra makes your breasts look beautiful while you do not get a sore neck and back. It reduces the strain on your back by as much as 50%. It was invented to relieve neck and back load, by giving maximum support. At the same time it gives the breasts beautiful shape, lift and separate them. Underwired bras are available with and without padding and with both whole bra cup (covering the entire breast) and half-cup (covering half of the breast). It is good to be worn under almost any kind of clothing. A really good bra for everyday use.



Minimizer bra: If your breasts should look smaller

If you want your breasts to appear smaller, you need a minimizer bra. It can reduce your cup size up to one size down. Good example, if you have a tight blouse or shirt.


Push-up Bra: If your breasts have to look fuller and bigger

A push-up bra pushes the breasts upwards from the sides. This causes your breasts to look fuller and bigger - perfect, if you want to highlight your bosom, for example, in a dress with a deep neckline. In the cup of your bra there is a small padding pillow that causes your breasts to look fuller. The pad is made of foam material or paraffin jelly (an aqua bra). 



Sports Bra: Supports breasts when you exercise

It is important to have really good support for the breasts when you are doing your work out. Without adequate support, you risk to damag the tissue in your breasts. A sports bra is designed to keep the breasts "in place", while you have great mobility. Most sports bras are designed in materials that draw moisture away from your skin.


Strapless Bra: A must for strapless dresses or tops with deep back

As the name says, strapless bra has no straps - however, there is a number of strapless bras today with removable straps. It does not provide the same support as a bra with straps, therefore it is important that it fits tightly. A strapless bra is good if you do not want your bra straps to be seen - for example, if you have a strapless dress, halter or a top with deep back on.



Triangle Bra: Beautiful and fancy if you have firm and bouncy breasts

A triangle bra does not provide much support - it is in principle just two triangles sewn together. But it is beautiful and decorative - often with a beautiful patterns and perhaps lace - for women with firm and bouncy breasts.


T-shirt Bra: Perfect under tight clothing and covers the nipples

T-shirt bra (or molded bra) is made of a plain, smooth material. It has molded cups and invisible seams. This makes it perfect under tight clothing such as t-shirts: you can not see the nipples through clothing, avoiding unsightly edges and you can not see details and folds through the clothes. Remember to use one skin-colored bra if you need tight white or light-colored clothes on - otherwise bra will be clearly visible through the clothing.


Different kinds of Panties

Brasilian panties: Perfect for low-waisted pants

Brazilian panties are panties which are wider in the back than a thong, but much less coverage than a regular bikini. They are comfortable to wear with low panty lines and beautifully emphasize the buttocks.


G-string Panties: Perfect for tight jeans

G-string available in many different shapes: high-waisted, low-waisted, high and low leg cut, and a variety of different fabrics. Instead of fabric g-string panties have little string that goes down in between your buttocks. This makes g-string panties absolutely perfect for tight jeans or other tight trousers - you can not see the "highlights" from the panties.



Hipster panties: Perfect for low-waisted pants

Hipsters sit right at the hip (or slightly below). A hipster panty sits low, snug and fitted with low leg openings. This makes it perfect for low-waisted pants. It is also available in a version of thong.


Maxi panties: Good support for loose belly and "love handles"

These panties have low leg cut and goes high up in the waist. Thit makes it easy to keep on loose abdominal skin and the classic "love handles". It provides good support and slight shaping, because it takes up most of your abdomen. 


Forest panties: Comfortable for dresses and loose skirts

Forest Panties are very similar to hipsters. They are good for dresses and loose skirts and can be made of silk and different types of lace.


Tai panties: If you want to tighten up your belly

A regular tai-panty ends at the waist, have high leg cut and covers most of the belly. It's perfect, if you like to feel that there is something that keeps the stomach. But it also makes tai-panty completely useless for low-waisted dresses and pants - it is not that pretty when you can see your panties over the jeans line.


Tanga panties: Sexy and hold your belly at the same time

Tanga panties are good combination of thong and tai-panty. You still have high leg cut and the feeling that there is something that keeps the stomach, but tanga covers much less of the buttocks. Tanga-panties look like a thong from the front.


Other lingerie

Bodysuit: No more transitions when you are in dress or tight clothing

A bodysuit is perfect for tight clothing, especially if you choose a variant of a smooth material. It's shaping and tightning your belly, hips and bust, and perfects the silouhette. A bodysuit is basically just a bra and panty combined in one piece.


Chemise: Seductive undershirt or undergarment.

A chemise goes mostly to the hip or little longer, and is used as a kind of undershirt or undergarment. It usually has lots of lace, and is made โ€‹โ€‹of silk or satin. It is a good suggestion for a piece of romantic lingerie for a girlfriend weekend.


Corset: Smaller waist, flatter stomach and lifted breasts

A corset is designed to sit very tight. It shapes your figure, so you get a smaller waist and a flatter stomach, while lifting your breasts. A corsage is often underwired in bra cups and has removable straps.


Shapewear: Helps celebrities to keep the figure

Shapewear is very tight to the body, is hard to take on and off, so it's not something we recommend that you use everyday. But it's brilliant for the big party where you just WANT to be beautiful like a goddess. Shapewear forms your figure and exists in many different ftypes, that will help you with the small things: you can tight and flatten the abdomen, thighs, love handles or have a narrower waist and rounder butt. Shapewear is a known and loved product in for ex. Hollywood.


A few basic rules

Remember that lingerie is not just about how you look, but also how it makes you feel.

Do not force your body into small sizes or the use of lingerie that tight your body everyday. Beauty comes from within, so accept your body and figure it, make the best out of it and buy lingerie that feels comfortable to wear.

Measure yourself at regular intervals. Your body changes all the time, so you can switch between two sizes without noticing it.

Select your underwear to fit the clothes you should wear. That way you get the most out of your Lingerie.

Choose a bra of smooth material without stitching, lace, if you need very tight clothes on. So you can get rid of your nipples and lace pattern can be seen through the clothes.

Select panties of a smooth material without stitching, lace, if you need very tight pants or jeans.

Choose skin colored lingerie, similar to your own skin color, if you must have white or very light clothes. Otherwise your lingerie can be seen under clothing.