New year, New Year resolutions and new body ideals in 2017
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New year, new year resolutions, new body ideals!

New year, new year resolutions, new body ideals!

Christmas and New Year are long over, and we should now be full of energy to get started with the new year! But is it so? Few people can probably feel the difference in energy level in December and January. Maybe you are actually rather weak and tired after a lot of Christmas stress and family celebrations. And it is now the experts think we should have the energy to start dieting and new exercise plans? No thank you! More likely people are wishing to throw themselves directly on the couch, when coming home after work, and why should we feel guilty about it?

Beware of New Year's resolutions!

Fatty foods of Christmas, piles of sweets and cakes and a huge intake of alcohol New Year's Eve often end with New Year's resolutions that sounds like: "This year I must lose 10 kg!" Or "In January, I start to go in my fitness club twice a week! ". And usually those promises lasts no longer than January...

There is no big deal in challenging ourselves and set new goals in life, it's a good thing. It's a good way to keep yourself 'in shape'. But once not achieving all the promises and goals, it can also create disappointment and even disgust.

It is important to set expectations for ourselves not too high and set the goals that you actually know you can reach. So instead of completely stop eating cake and sweets in new year, to stay slim for bikini season, start cutting down or reduce your sweets intake to minimum, but possible minimum. Make goals doable, and by this you make sure that your next time you can raise the bar even higher.

Additionally, never say "I'll start next Monday!". Instead, start today and reach a milestone this week, and a new one next week, and so on. So take one bite at a time, but do it today. It is also easier to get back on horse, if one week target is lost (we can always find an excuse: was ill, my grandmother had birthday, got a new couch) as you start on your the next target again next week. Basically, it's only the part of the project you are losing, not the whole thing.

Never the less, New Year's resolutions - start better when you feel you are ready! Perhaps you first get over the winter around April, and only there you have the energy to set new goals for your life. So wait for that! Because if you are not ready in you strong will, then the whole project will be doomed before you even start!

Good news to you on endless diet!

For all of you out there, who often are on diet, one after another, or have a bad self-consciousness because of bigger curves, or a slightly higher BMI than should be, you simply could not miss to notice that a new wave of upcoming beauty standards. Curves has become fashionable! Now wider hips, voluptuous bust and big butt are celebrated! We have several at House of Lingerie, who are happy to finally have a body type that is modern!

This whole trend to be healthy and 'well fed', rather than being extremely skinny as in the 90s, started in the early 2010s with Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Adele and later Melissa McCarthy, who proudly show their delicious bodies forward. Earlier in this decade, Vogue declared it to be era of big booties, which also explains  the great interest in twerk as a form of exercise at home. But it is not only the butt has to be bigger, but bust, hips and thighs may also want to have a certain perimeter.

In general, it is more about being healthy and feeling good, than fit size 34. And of course we see more and more plus-size models.

Last year we saw a lot of happenings within the plus-size world. Here, for example, 3 things that were important:

1) The Nordic Top Model on Channel 4, had a whole season only with plus-size girls.

2) The famous plus-size model, Ashley Graham, who is a role model for many women and girls around the world, was featured in the music video for the song "Toothbrush" with DNCE where she played the girlfriend of frontman.

3) Mattel made a new line of Barbie dolls, where they walked away from the unnatural Barbie body to a normal body types - plus tall, curvy and petit. There was actually also made a doll of plus-size model Ashley Graham.

This trend is on, and 2017 will with no doubt be full of even more changes with body ideals. Even Elle writes that we must pay attention to a new development of diversity in fashion. For ex. model Jocelyn Corona as a suggestion for a new 'it girl' in the plus-size world. Besides being plus-size, she is Mexican with a darker glow, comparing to someone else being common in the fashion world. Basically, it is not only the bigger curves are hot right now, but being different in general.

Diversity is on - not only curves!

Elle predicts that 2017 will be a year of diversity on the catwalk, with models from other parts of the world than Europe and the US. Among others, there has been more focus on models from Latin American countries like Mexico and Jamaica.

But it is not only skin colors and sizes of the models that are starting to change fashion.

Models with skin diseases like Winnie Harlow and Shaun Ross, and transgender models Ines Rau and Andreja Pejic are also a part of this new wave of diversity in the fashion industry.

We are moving away from the standardized body ideals, and towards fashion that is different and more inclusive than now.


There is room for all of us - and all body types!

Here at House of Lingerie it has always been an important mission to help create confidence and well-being for all women, whether they are tall, small, thin or curvy. Therefore, we strive to have products in as many different sizes as possible, so You ​​can always find something that fits your body type. None of us are alike, and should not be. What a boring world we would live in... Diversity is good, beautiful and intriguing, and is what makes the world functioning. If we were the same, who would rebel and demand change?

We state that everyone is allowed to be who they want. Everyone should be allowed to express themselves through attitudes and appearance.

Therefore, we are offering lingerie, which are not available any wear else in the country, to offer you a way to express yourself and stand out from the crowd.

We do not believe that lingerie should be a basic items in black, beige or white. No, you must be able to show off yourself and your body in lingerie that expresses your personality! No matter who you are: a romantic, who loves bohemian, a vintage-lover, a passionate seductress, a busy mother, who loves luxury lingerie, or the independent career woman, who needs to feel elegant from top to bottom. Perhaps you are one of these, or an entirely different, or all of them at once! No matter what, we certainly have a set of lingerie for you and your body, your style and your personality!

We hope that you jump good into the new year, don't be too hard to yourself for not being disappointed, but rather accept that diversity is beautiful and all the slimming cure can wait until spring, when the sun comes back again!

 With warmest wishes in 2017, with room for all of us

 Love, House of Lingerie





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