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Saphh logo

Sapph stands for sparkling and sensual lingerie. We are all about affordable sets and a playful wink. Our collections are a treasury full of luxury, comfort and quality. The secret weapon of every ambitious woman. Sappho is our brand’s Muse - an ancient Greek beauty known for her passionate songs about love. Women love Sapph and love being in touch with their femininity. Sapph is designed to be exceptionally flattering no matter what their shape, they love how they feel and look, inspiring confidence. They are in control and know their mind, they demand only the best and Sapph delivers.

All collections is made with the principles of all the other Sapph collections:

 • Sensual exciting colours, soft material and a perfect fit.
 • Comfort is the key so labels have been removed. The soft waistband fits every shape  without pinching.
 • Excellent value considering the design and quality.  They will never stretch out and always holds its shape.


Dita Von Teese Collection

The Dita Von Teese lingerie brand began with the launch of “Von Follies” by Dita Von Teese first debuting in 2012. The “Von Follies” collection was personally developed by Dita and was inspired by her lifetime passion for beautiful things and lingerie in particular. The global success of the Dita Von Teese brand can be attributed to Dita’s personal involvement in every touch point from designing the collections, to art directing the brand campaigns and sharing the collections with her millions of social media followers and fans.

"My goal with my lingerie collection is to offer beauty, glamour and luxury to any woman who wants it." said Dita Von Teese.

Coquette logo

Canadian Coquette® was established in 1979 and is today an international lingerie brand that delivers sexy and erotic lingerie quality. Coquette® has a unique range of products to fit every lifestyle, shape or taste. From the romantic and feminine, to the seductive and erotic. Coquette® is primarily known for their unique, beautiful corsets - which is also available in plus size - and their attention to detail.



Selmark logo

The prestigious and internationally recognized Spanish brand Selmark® was founded in 1970. The brand is known for making attractive and feminine design, combined with superb comfort. The quality of materials and design make Selmark® to an exclusive product, appreciated by women the world over for their innovative and stylish designs. Selmark®s products have obtained OEKO-TEX label as a sign that their products do not contain harmful substances.


Wiesmann logo

When Wiesmann® lingerie clings to your body you will undoubtedly feel both feminine, attractive, confident and comfortable.

Wiesmann® is a European lingerie company that produces exclusive and timeless lingerie for qual test-conscious women. Since 1993, they have built a brand that is recognized for providing quality lingerie in a beautiful design, made of attractive and comfortable materials. Wiesmann® is especially known for their beautiful and feminine designs, their elegant lace and vintage embroidery, and for the high quality of their sewing.

The quality of Wiesmann® products are on par with some of the most famous and expensive French lingerie brands. On the other hand, the price much more favorable for you. Therefore Wiesmann® a good choice if you want very much quality for a good price.