Ouvert lingerie a new seductive trend, where does it come from?
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Ouvert lingerie is seductive and piquant. But where does it come from?

Ouvert lingerie is seductive and piquant. But where does it come from?

Ouvert is a new lingerie fashion trend, which we introduced for you, our beloved customer, not that long time ago and we can see that there is growing interest in this type of lingerie. But where ouvert lingerie really come from, and it is so new and revolutionary to be "crotchless" as we think?

Ouvert is a French word and means 'open' - so ouvert panty is an open panty. It should not be mistaken with crotchless type, which has no crotch at all. In ouvert lingerie there are openings, that are most often connected together, so that the openings is hardly visible.

Many believe that ouvert lingerie is new and modern invention. But is it indeed?

In 1800 and in the early 1900s, all modern middle class women were wearing crotchless underwear. Back then it was without sexual intentions, but rather for practical reasons. During that time fashion dictated that women should wear tight corsets, crinoline skirts and layers of dresses. This was not easy to get on or off, and with the bottomless underwear woman could much easier "powder her nose", when needed. In addition, it was considered more hygienic, since the most secret place were properly aired.

They say, it were French Can Can dancers, who contribute into changing underwear style. They sewed bottoms together, simply because they didn't want men to see their intimate parts, during dancing. They also made undergarments shorter, so that men could see little more of the legs.

Open panties disappeared around the 1930s when women started to wear more masculine type of clothes, and in general would like to be more like men, such as going to work, cycling, playing sports and so on. It was also in 30s the first panties, as we know them today, came into the world.

However, at the same time it became more exclusive with bottomless underwear - not for practical reasons, but to emphasize sensuality.

It was first in 1950s the underwear became an elegant and feminine part of women outfit, and since that time lingerie started to transform into what we know today - lace, colors, embroidery and so on.

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In the early 1960s, one could, for example in US chain store Sears, still buy panties, where crotch could be removed, thus creating an open panty. So it was still not uncommon with bottomless panties.

Today ouvert panties are mostly associated with naughty fantasies and sexual encounters. But new fashion wave is upon us, and ouvert lingerie, which is a more elegant version of bottomless panties, has become extremely popular and trendy. Today many leading lingerie manufacturers offer ouvert panties in their collections, and internet is teeming with bloggers, who write page after page about this subject.

Here at House Of Lingerie we keep the trend, and already noticed growing interest and demand in our ouvert products.

Escora, which has been lingerie expert since 1862, offers a wide range of feminine and romantic briefs and body stockings, with the piquant ouvert openings and titillating details. Escora brand is over 150 years old and dare to meet people's expectations of extravagant lingerie. Even though daring briefs and bodystockings are a little out of the ordinary, they are still of the highest quality and has same luxurious and beautiful design, as brand's classy lingerie. Ouvert style is a perfect weapon for a sophisticated seductress, that will transform her ordinary boudoir to a temple of senses. Ouvert is not "cheap" or vulgar, but sensual in an extravagant and elegant way. It's for those, who want to wear feminine and bewitching lingerie, while oozing sex appeal and passion.

Today we live in a world, where women can decide over their bodies and those, they want to be with. Ouvert lingerie helps to emphasize this spirit. By wearing such a pair of panties, woman expresses that she is the one, who controls and directs the show, but in a flirty, feminine and seductive way. Woman knows what she wants, but at the same time, she is fine, elegant, welcoming and wants to be seen and admired for her versatile femininity.


We hope that you out there have been tempted to dare little more with ouvert lingerie, now when it is historically quite common and convenient. :-)




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