Perfume that seduces your senses - from Dita Von Teese
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Enchanting notes of fresh bergamot, luscious Casablanca lilies and seducing Sambac jasmine combines into the perfect background for a sensual night with beautiful sensations.

Perfume is that ingredient in your love life that ignites the spark with a sudden flicker. Your scent is your personal footprint into others’ souls – and subtle pheromones can awaken fantasies within us that was not present a minute ago. Soft traces from Dita Von Teese in her sexy Signature or coquette FleurTesse creates a warm atmosphere full of passion and flirt that mesmerizes you with sensual emotions.

Are you seducing your lover? With our romantic perfumes in elegant flacons the night is filled with shining stars and the senses are awakened softly with a playful feminine tone. Spice up your lingerie with wonderful scents that sets the mood for an unforgettable kiss – a hypnotic touch of charming and deliciously fragrant that lasts forever.
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