Swimwear, beautiful bikinis and swimsuits! Bathing season is on!
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Swimwear - before, now and tomorrow

Swimwear - before, now and tomorrow

Spring is just around the corner and your body is craving for sun and beach. For this you need a swimwear! And not just swimwear, but a beautiful, feminine and trendy bikini or swimsuit. It is important that you feel comfortable while you're lying on the beach, practically with almost nothing on!

Swimwear - trendsetting

Swimwear industry is a fashion industry itself! And like with everything else in fashion, every year there are fashion fairs and runway shows, only with bathing suits! Lately swimwear has become an important part of the modern woman's wardrobe, and it should preferably represent woman's personality, style and attitude throughout the bathing season. Fashion changes, women change preferences, and it is necessary with a new swimsuit season after season – and it’s like that! Just because!

Further down we will look at modern swimwear trends. But first we will find out, if swimwear has always been a big deal, or whether it is a new trend.

Swimwear history in short terms

First bathing suit is mentioned around 1800. It was a suit that covered the entire upper body and went to the knees. It was covering as much as possible, as it was fashionable to be pale - only rich people (with no need to work outside) had completely porcelain-white skin.

In the early 1900s swimsuits without sleeves were introduced - which was considered outrages. Only in the wild and daring 1920s the bathing suit as we know it now (with close fit, without sleeves and with open legs) moved forward. This is partly due designers like Coco Chanel and Jean Patou. At the same time they add colour and patterns to swimsuits.

Only after the Second World War, in 1946 the first bikini was created! It was designed by Louis Reard, and named after the island of Bikini Atoll, where the US tested atomic bombs. Reard believed that his invention will create an explosive reaction a la atomic bomb.

However, it was not popular in the beginning and was actually banned by the pope and therefore several Catholic countries, also in the United States until 1965.

First, during the 1950s bikini made a breakthrough, after French sex symbol Brigitte Bardot in 1952 appears wearing only bikini in movie "The girl in the bikini".

From that time in went uphill and today almost every woman in the world owns a bikini!

Swimwear trends

If you want to look good and delicious on the beach or by the pool, we have 9 trend tips for you about fashion this season.

Trend tip 1: Swimsuits with halter neck

A trend that has been on-the-go for a long time and still is winning various runways and trade shows. However, fashion is going away from less coverage into larger bikini tops or bathing suits that fill a little more over the bust.

Swimwear halterneck 


Trend tip 2: Swimwear with cutouts

Very popular! Geometric cutouts, revealing, concealing, combined with straps, transparent and not. Sexy trend, but without being too daring. For example, swimsuits with deep V-neckline and swimsuit are with cutouts and the rest with full coverage.

Swimwear with cutouts

Trend Tip 3: Khaki and more

Khaki is hot! This eye-catching, feminine and masculine at the same time style of swimwear in olive green shades is for people who like to show off and appear "almost naked", but at the same time to be covered by exquisite materials in different palate of pastels. This colour fits all skin types. Try one with lace inserts for even more sensual look.

Trend Tip 4: Minimalist and elegant chic

If you are into minimalist and timeless elegant look, black is always a perfect choice! Besides giving a chic and classy look, it also has slimming effect! For example, one of our stylish black bikinis is good for both sunbathing and swimming. The cups in the bra can be adjusted from covering as little as possible for taking sun and cover more for comfortable swimming and support. Your choice!

If you think black is too traditional, but you also don’t want to throw yourself in the wild prints – choose red! Still classic and refined, but with a twist of passion and courage! Both black and red can work very well with different skin colours.

Trend tip 6: Animal Print

Animal prints have never really been out of fashion. They are all over fashion magazines again and again - also for bathing suits. So why not conquer the beach as sexy predator.          

Swimwear with animalprint                                  

Trend tip 6: Flower-power!

Another trend which successfully dominate fashion industry during several seasons - floral prints. Small and large, all in beautiful bright colours that give impression of youthful charm and energy. And who wouldn’t want to radiate all this while lying in sun and enjoying your ice-cold cocktail?   

Swimwear win flower prints                          

Trend tip 7: Mix and match

As a true bathing nymph, you probably own more than one set of swimwear, and here mix and match is very trendy and makes it easy to update your bikini wardrobe. Also you can use it in order to accentuate (or not) the attention on those body part you are happy about (or not). For example if you have big buttocks and you prefer not to drag attention to it, it might be smart to have a dark bottom and a colourful top in your bikini choice so that the focus will be at upper part of the body. And vice versa, if you wish to make your bottom part look bigger, choose a bikini bottom with colours or print details, as well as bindings at the hips.          

Trend tip 8: Beachwear

When going to and from the beach or pool, it is absolutely essential to have beach dressesbathrobe or at least a pareo. Within this niche the key words are: chic, sophisticated and relaxed. In addition, swimwear trends are mixing with beachwear look, so you can also see beachwear in animal prints with cutouts and deep v cuts.        


Trend tip 9: The perfect swimsuit

The swimsuit has made a comeback, and has once again become a major competitor to the bikini. Perhaps it’s because the swimsuit is better at hiding some of the imperfections of the body and helps to shape and keep everything in right places in an easy way. Or maybe because it’s sophisticated, elegant and perfect for both swimming and enjoying the sun. Take a look at our swimsuit selection here.


After looking closely at this year's hottest trends for the bathing season, we hope that you enjoy even more preparation for sunny beach season!

Love, House of Lingerie

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