Thoughtful gifts for her in sweet christmas time
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The sweet Christmas time calls for thoughtful Christmas gifts

The sweet Christmas time calls for thoughtful Christmas gifts

Of course we believe that lingerie is the perfect Christmas gift for your beloved one. It's a gift that says: "You are a beautiful woman, who deserves to be spoiled and admired." It can hardly go wrong! And maybe there is something with size and style, but, as an advice, we have written earlie a guide about how to choose lingerie correctly.

We think that Christmas is a time when it's simply a must to spoil each other, both with a cozy intimacy and delicious food, but also with Christmas gifts that are a little more thoughtful than usual. Christmas is, after all, the festival of hearts, end of the year and an opportunity to tell people we love, how much we care about them.

A romantic gift from Romeo to Juliet.

We have a perfect Christmas gift idea for the romantic Romeo, who wish to surprise his Juliet. The luxurious lingerie brand Escora has created a fabulous collection - Juliette. Like the story of lovers, this collection sends you on a cosy trip to warm Italy, with romance and wine.

The series is an exclusive combination of black translucent lace and intense burgundy color. Juliette offers both classic and elegant lingerie style, and  sophisticated piquancy to those, who dare a little more.

It is possible to create classic bra set with a stunning non-padded bra that is both comfortable and beautiful at the same time, just exactly what every woman wants. This model combines a sense of refined femininity and a vintage touch with wide bordeaux straps.

For this amazing bra, there are four different types of panties, something for every woman's taste. You can choose between a sensual g-string, a seductive rio-slip with brazilian cut, beautiful hipster or a tempting ouvert thong for long nights. All of them fit to the style and design of the bra, so it's only about the personal preferences for the curves, which will be wearing them. A good tip is to buy both - an everyday model and a model for festive or intimate occasions - simply cannot go wrong!

To complete the most sensual outfit with a little more luxury and extravagance, there is a seductive garter-belt. It really is a must-have in any sophisticated woman's boudoir. This model is made of the most mesmerizing lace and sits beautifully around her hips, and creates elegant and extravagant look. Irresistible accessory for the quality-conscious woman who has everything!

Juliette is perfect Christmas gift for the one you care about, if you want to give her something, which is out of the ordinary, and can add little magic and extravagance to the special occasions and gray weekdays.

Escora giftbox


If you are not sure that your special someone likes the combination of black and red,  Escora also created a wide selection of extravagant models in minimalistic color shades. This does not mean that the models are neutral - with a bra from Escora you can only expect to be surprised by their exceptional designs!

Irresistable bras are created to be worn with seductive confidence, and made of detail rich lace, crossed straps and other fabulous details that  works like a jewelry for the bust, décolleté, neck and back.

So, if Juliette is not the Christmas present you are looking for, you can without a doubt, find another bra among Escoras variety of luxurious and seductive models, that will delight your special someone.


Dirta Von Teese Perfume

In addition to a beautiful and sensual outfit, a seductive perfume is a must! Dita von Teese has created a line of perfume that is just like her lingerie - created to feel strong, sensual and feminine at the same time. We advise you, in combination with Juliette set, to buy her Signature perfume, which has sensual fragrance with a perfect blend of feminine, exciting and mysterious notes. This will create irresistable connection between sweetness and courage, and femininity and sensuality. And who does not want such a woman?

A thoughtful and luxurious gift also requires to be packed beautifuly and presentable in, so that your Christmas present will ooze pure extravagance. Therefore, during this holiday season, for all purchases of Escora products we offer exclusive and elegant Escora gift boxes with beautiful shimmering silver giftwrapping paper around, so she will not know, what it is. All this saves you a lot of time, is free and our gift to you.


We hope we have guided you a little for finding something to delight the one you love.

We have previously written a blog with 5 tips for Christmas presents, if you did not find what you want here. We are also always ready to help you in our customer service - if it's necessary, just call!


Merry Christmas preparation!




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